Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin

Amy Shuler Goodwin was elected November 7, 2018 as the first female Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia. Since the beginning of her term in January 2019, Goodwin has prioritized fiscal accountability, transparent and efficient government, fairness and forward-thinking policies and programming. 

Goodwin established the first Coordinated Addiction Response Effort (CARE) Office to help develop real solutions to the opioid epidemic, hired the first Quick Response Team Coordinator to be on the front-lines of this crisis and prioritized hiring the City’s first Homeless Outreach Coordinator and Mental Health Coordinator.  

Goodwin launched a comprehensive strategy focused on demolition and rehabilitating our communities, strengthening the city’s vacant structure registry and creating a new Land Reuse Agency to help rehabilitate properties for new uses.

Goodwin encourages inclusiveness and recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives in the development of new policies.  Goodwin recently announced the formation of the Charleston Council for Outreach and Empowerment (C-COrE), a citizen action group focused on the promotion of justice and fair treatment for all.  Goodwin also established the City’s first LGBTQ Working Group and first Charleston Youth Council.

Goodwin remains committed to listening to what the people of Charleston want and need from their government and continues to connect one-on-one with constituents–through initiatives such as “Connect Charleston”–to troubleshoot issues and better understand their concerns.

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