Ursulette Huntley

Ursulette Huntley, Executive Director of Unlimited Future, Inc. has over a decade of professional experience in sales and marketing.  Ms. Huntley is a graduate of West Virginia State University and has received more than 50 awards in management, training, and sales over the course of her entrepreneurial career.

During her tenure at Unlimited Future, Inc. Ms. Huntly developed and implemented her proprietary leadership program, A+ Strategy Leadership.  The goal of A+ Strategy Leadership training is building openness and synergy in the workplace by promoting a success mindset, both personally and professionally.  Furthermore, this simple system teaches people how to empower others by empowering themselves. 

As a successful business coach, Ms. Huntley has taught hundreds of hours of entrepreneurial skill-building and problem-solving courses and guided more than 30 entrepreneurs through the Start-Up processes.

In 2007, Ms. Huntley founded Fresh Horizons, a multi-faceted professional training development company.  Fresh Horizons uses the power of positive self-image and self-discovery to teach simple yet powerful business skills.  Ms. Huntley’s passion is helping others discover their ability to achieve their hopes, goals, and dreams.  Ms. Huntley’s personal mission is to help others empower themselves spiritually, domestically, and financially making success their destiny. 

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